Customer Testimonials

“I want to be apart of the team” – Vectren A.B. team member

“Great for the amount of time” – Jack Gilette

“Very informative and lots of infor in a short period of time” – John Carey

“Outstanding!” – Frank Washington

“Extremely informative” – TJ Baggett

“Very good information, better understanding of the overall picture” – Rick Creedon

“Excellent course and excellent instructor – Thank you Stephen!” – Kevin Call

“Great Course and Instructor” – Matt Paulsen

“Very good information. The next step would be implementation” – Bryan Lampley

“I learned a lot. Thanks !” – Jim Rochester

“Very Informative” – Michael Gray

“Well Taught” – Tyler Peterson

Very good overall. Enjoyed it.” – Gary Wilson

“Good & Informative” – James Gordon

“Always enjoy training that is applicable to what we do” – Dan Lott

“Good-Informative” – Tamara Artz

“Great Course. Stephen kept it interesting” – J. Goddard