Stephen Storm

Stephen Storm is the owner and principal of both Stephen Storm, Inc. (SSI) and SX Powertech, LLC (a subsidiary of SSI).

Having vast experiences with evaluating combustion, performance & efficiency opportunities on large utility and industrial steam generators, Stephen has the experience of personally conducting, leading and managing comprehensive diagnostic performance improvement programs over the past two decades.

Stephen is proud of the growth and development under his leadership managing a “results-oriented” field service division for Storm Technologies.  His experience is recognized around the world as an author for numerous technical publications, magazine articles and conference participation.

Stephen Storm’s work also includes demonstration support of “best practices” with the United States Department of Energy under subcontract with a NETL’s site support contractor. Between 2008-2010, Stephen Storm led a multi-phased performance optimization and efficiency training programs, promoting best practices at state electric board (SEB) plants in India.  The promotion of  “best practices” work originated with the APP Program as an important paradigm shift in the operation and maintenance of existing fleet and future coal fired generating plants in Asia, as well as the United States.

Upon completion of past US DOE support projects in India, Stephen Storm has continued his work in India and around the world, offering customized performance program development support to establish cost-effective and results oriented plant performance programs. To enhance SSI’s vision for developing customized world-class training programs, SX Powertech, LLC (SXP) was vertically integrated into Stephen Storm, Inc.

SSI and SXP Services include:

Consulting and educational services for owners & operators of large steam generators

  • Consulting and educational services for owners & operators of large steam generators
  • Technical services support (plant performance optimization, testing & training services)
  • Oversee various aspects of project life cycles from initial kick-off through completion
  • Independent evaluations or audits for efficiency, reliability and emission improvements.
  • Technical communication, illustration and high impact presentation support
  • Coordination of “turn-key” solutions for large electric utilities using support from the SSI affiliate companies

Stephen Storm is a graduate of Pfeiffer University, Veteran with the United States Coast Guard, member of the ASME, serves on the ASME code committees and is a Certified Energy Manager through the Association of Energy Engineers.