Ronnie Campbell

Ronnie is a power plant professional who graduated from the University of NC at Charlotte with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1970. Ronnie has over 40 years of vast experience as a power generation professional and industry leader as well as serving as  a community leader and on high level advisory groups for organizations such as EPRI. On Sept. 30, 2003 Ronnie retired from Duke Energy after a career of over 33 years and carried on serving as an industry leader and technical resource for the USA and India.

Ronnie started his career in 1970 as an Engineer at the Cliffside Steam Station working with Units 1-4 and starting up Unit 5 a 572MW coal-fired, subcritical unit which Ronnie commissioned and provided operations training. Between 1973-76, He worked out of the Duke General Office, serving all stations in the Duke system as a production engineer, which included the start-up of three nuclear units and two 1200 MW supercritical coal fired units.  Between 1976-1987, Ronnie was at the  Marshall Steam Station as General Manager of Operations, for four units consisting of two subcritical units rated at 385 MW’s and two supercritical units rated at 700 MW’s. Marshall has a national reputation as a very efficient station, capturing first place in the national heat rate ratings for many years.

In 1987, Ronnie was transferred to Lee Steam Station as Station Manager. Buzzard Roost CT Station and Lake Greenwood Hydro Station were added to my responsibilities.  While at Lee, all of the units were upgraded to Westinghouse (now Emerson) digital control systems. Then, in 1993 Ronnie returned to the Marshall Steam Station as Station Manager. The first supercritical units on the Duke system were retrofitted with Westinghouse digital controls in 1993.

In 1996 Ronnie assumed position as the Manager of Technical Services (General Office), supervising a group of 120 engineers and professionals.  In 1996, Ronnie received the Pinnacle Award, given by Duke for technical achievement. Soon afterwards, Ronnie transitioned into  a position as Manager of Fossil Station Support, Electrical System Support Department.

In 1998 Ronnie became the Regional Manager for the Fossil/Hydro Department for the Allen Steam, River-bend Steam and Lincoln CT Stations. During this time, controls were upgraded and all boilers were rebuilt at Allen. Controls were also upgraded at Riverbend Station. 2003-2003 Ronnie was Regional Manager for Allen and Cliffside Steam Stations and was involved with retrofitting Cliffside Unit 5 with SCR Technology.  During Ronnie’s last nine months with Duke, he carried out several special projects including consolidating station input on scrubbers to be installed at four Duke station’s and leading a team to review options for Oconee Nuclear Station back up emergency power for its licensing extension.  On Sept. 30, 2003 Ronnie retired from Duke Energy after a career of over 33 years.

Between 2003-2008  Ronnie worked for High Temperature Technologies in sales and technical support and also formed a consulting company, Nantahala Consultants, providing industry training and consulting services for power plants.  Then between August 2008  to January 2011, Ronnie accepted a position as Head of the Mundra Operations & Maintenance from from August 2008 until November 2010. Mundra Thermal Power Plant is a 4,620 MW station located in the Kutch district of Gujarat state. The plant consists of nine units, with the first four being subcritical, coal fired rated at 330 MWs and the last five being supercritical, coal fired at 660MW.  In January of 2011, Ronnie transferred to the general office in the position of head of O&M for the Tiroda Station.  Tiroda is Adani’s second station and consists of five supercritical, coal fired 660 MW units.  Ronnie completed a his contract with Adani  in December 2011 and returned to the USA.

Ronnie’s hobbies include trout fishing, traveling and antiques.